Many features


Accessible from any device, anywhere

Simple, straight-to-the-point, easy-to-use web interface design where owners and tenants have ready access to any required financial information about the residence such as apartments balance, total income and audited financial reports.

Save your time with Binayati

Binayati minimises face-to-face dealing with the residents.
You will not knock on doors anymore, requesting for money or any other information.
You will easily manage and notify tenants.

Document management at it's finest

You will never update a spreadsheet again!
You will have the ability to manage invoices, bills and contracts online.
You will have a one safe place to save any relevant document related to your residence.

Send notifications and info with a simple click

Different type of notifications will notify residents of the latest notices and important announcements
Binayati allows you to send specific and automatic SMS and EMails

How it works

Register your residence now to have access to the complete Binayati platform.
You will just have to enter the apartments of your residence and the residents of these apartments and it’s done.
Once your residence is set up, you can start enjoying the benefits of Binayati.

Built by Experts

Our goal is to make managing your business easier and more transparent to partners.

Safe, Convenient, Easy to Use

Accessible from any device, anywhere with one click

Never update a spreadsheet again

No more spreadsheets ever.

Web app WordPress theme

100% Web-based

No hardware or software required, just internet connection on any device.

Document Storage Integration

Reports, invoices, and other important information in one place.

Automatic Notifications

Notify owners & tenants with a click

How much does it cost?

Best price guarantee, using Binayati you are saving Time and Money by paying less than 1$ / month.

FREE package

$0 lifetime

  • Accounting System
  • Online Access: Treasurer ONLY
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Professional package


  • Accounting System
  • Online Access: Everyone
  • SMS & EMAIL Notification
  • Reporting
  • Export Data
  • Committee Meetings
  • Projects
  • Documents
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Frequently asked questions

All common questions about our online residence management solution are listed below. If you have any other queries, please contact us.

Can all property owners log in to Binayati and what information can they access?

Yes. All tenants with an email address or mobile number will receive an invitation by email and/or SMS to access your residence information on Binayati.
Once logged in they will be able to see all information stored for the block (i.e current balance, expenses, invoices, maintenance contracts, committee, … ) and their own individual account. Only the Treasurer has editing rights.

How much does Binayati cost?

There are two different types of accounts, Free and Paid accounts. Please refer to the Pricing page for the details of the annual license fees. There are no installation fees and no downloads, just an annual license.
The system is intuitive; training is not required although can be provided if required.

What information is needed to get started on Binayati?

You will need to have the following information:
- Details of each apartment in the residence: Block, Code, monthly fee, owner and tenant.
- Detail of each owner and tenant: Name, email and/or mobile
- Opening balance.
And that’s it, in 10 minutes you can start enjoying Binayati services.

Do we have to create a username and password for each tenant?

For sure NO. Tenants will not remember additional accounts and credentials.
On each message a tenant receives (SMS and Email) an Auto login URL is sent allowing him to access his Binayati account.

Can tenants be directly notified for new invoices or meetings?

Sure. When invoices are issued, tenants will be directly notified by SMS and email. Notification messages contain an Auto login URL, allowing tenants to access directly their Binayati account.

How is Binayati going to help me manage my residence?

Binayati will save you time through: clever accounting features; calendar reminders; instant online notifications.
Binayati will save you money by: bringing better value and being more intelligent than other management softwares.
Binayati will handle the communication by: transferring information online, providing an instant messaging service and bringing transparency to the whole process.

Have any questions?